Dulux Smarter Spaces

Schools from all over the country have been submitting their entries into our Dulux Smarter Spaces School of Your Dreams Competition for the chance to win £10,000 worth of colour & design.

The 12 shortlisted entries below are now asking for your support to help boost their chances to make it through to the final round! The final decision is made by a panel of four judges including Matthew Burton and global education pioneer, Professor Stephen Heppell who will select the final two winners.

Primary School

First place
Second place
10818 votes cast so far
There's only 3% difference between the two leading schools!
Enlivening the corridors with photos of our pupils will help the school celebrate their successes together as well as sharing with visitors to the school all the good work that they do.
The Orchard School
The impact of this transformation would be an environment that would encourage the children to aim high in a really cross curricular way.
Greenhill Primary
On the sky painted walls, there are words of aspiration, telling me my potential is limitless.
Lawley Primary School
The children here are proud to be service pupils - they want their space to reflect this identity. Their life experiences are unique, but their classrooms currently aren’t.
Leeming RAF Community Primary
The decoration will need to primarily be of interest to the pupils with areas of wall expressing the learners knowledge, experiences and understanding of the environment surrounding us including our enriched cultural diversity.
Sir Robert Hitcham CEVAP School
Our vision is for a contemporary multi-purpose space with light-reflecting surfaces to make the best of the limited light available, enhancing the environment for both curriculum and social activities.
St. Mary's Catholic Primary

Secondary School

First place
Second place
8270 votes cast so far
There's only 6% difference between the two leading schools!
We envisage a space that celebrates the importance of taking languages, that celebrates the many exchanges our school offers, that celebrates the opportunities that taking a language provides.
Brine Leas School
We have made ourselves anew: new academy status, some new staff, new systems and procedures, new attitudes, new progress and successes and rewards and smiles.
Newmarket Academy
We will be looking at how words can change and inspire us, by looking at words of hope from other faiths, other cultures inspirational leaders such as Martin Luther King and Yousafzai Malala.
St Monica's RC Highschool
They would like a room which reflects the innovative and unique art and photography work that they are producing. One student stated they’d like to ‘bring the room back to life’
Highdown School and Sixthform
Our aim is for our students to be proud of their environment which they will respect, care for and learn life skills that will remain with them forever...
Sion Manning Catholic Girls School
But wait, what’s this, a lick of paint? I’ve never seen this, I think I might faint! From the ground to the sky the colours, they fly, With chorus and rhyme we’ll get ‘A’s in no time!
Haydon School